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When? Where? Tickets / Info
Saturday 18th June 2016 Live In Barnsley Festival (Walkabout 7pm) Free
Sunday 19th June 2016 The Hop, Sheffield £1 OTD
Saturday 2nd July 2016 Sanctuary Rock Bar, Burnley Free. Doors 9:30pm.
Saturday 9th July 2016 BeanFest, Rotherham
Saturday 16th July 2016 Coalfields Festival, Barnsley
Friday 19th August 2016 Rock & Blues, Barnsley
£4 OTD. Doors 7pm.
Friday 16th September 2016 o2 Academy, Sheffield TBA
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22nd February 2014: "Leave With Us"

  1. Save Me from Myself
  2. Universes & Supernovas (The Ride)
  3. Claustrophobia
  4. Run with the Foxes
  5. Dangerous Devotion
  6. Mega High
  7. Do Gooders
  8. Once I Started
  9. King Things
  10. Mother's Grave - Leave with Us

Recorded and produced by Matt Elliss @ Axis Studio
Additional orchestration by SERVER #0000008

"'Leave With Us' is a white hot slab of incandescent fury."

"Bombastic riffs galore... A bright prospect for 2014, leave with them right now."

"A charming, devilishly potent record that will reward you."

15th Sept 2014: "Claustrophobia EP"

  1. Claustrophobia
  2. Bodies In The Ground
  3. Love Struck (Madness charity cover)
  4. Universes & Supernovas (The Ride) Remix

Recorded and produced by Matt Elliss @ Axis Studio


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Leave With Us Album